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Six Boats in season eight of Deadliest Catch Cornelia Marie out


Cornelia Marie is once again out of the pictute as boats and crew make their way to Dutch Harbor Alaska to partake in the "Deadliest Catch" opilio crab season where the fishermen are featured braving the rough waters of the Bering Sea .

The Wizard, North Western, Rambling Rose, Time Bandit, Kodiak and Seabrooke are the fishing boats taking part in the upcoming eighth Season of the Deadliest Catch.

Some members of the crew of Original Productions are already in Dutch Harbor to ensure a prompt start of the January 15th opilio crab season filming.

Much of the personal drama among the crab-fishing fleet on Alaska's Bering Sea in season seven came from the conflicts aboard the F/V Cornelia Marie, as part-owners and brothers Jake and Josh Harris tried to carry on the legend of their late father, Capt. Phil Harris.

But a post on the boats official website stated, "There’s a good chance that our boat won’t be back on "Deadliest Catch" any more. However, we know there is still a lot of interest in following the Cornelia Marie. If it was up to me, I would continue to let you all in on the adventures of the Cornelia Marie and maybe even give you a chance to participate. (Folks in LA have talked to us about doing our television show.)

It’s the intent of Jake and Josh to continue fishing and fulfill their father’s legacy. So, I know they will continue to do that and I’m sure you will be able to follow them as they do."

A source close to to Harris brothers have indicated that they will be working on another fishing boat during the filming of the eight season of the "Deadlist Catch".

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